Chris Moneymaker Now an ACR "Team Pro"

Published on February 5th, 2021 8:44 am EST

An old pro is switching gears - signs a new sponsorship deal.Earlier this year, Chris Moneymaker shocked many in the poker world when he announced that he was leaving Pokerstars.

Most people figured that Moneymaker would be a lifelong mainstay at the world's largest online poker room. After all, Moneymaker's win in the World Series of Poker in 2003 was a major part of Pokerstars' rise to the top of the online poker world, as the resulting "poker boom" brought millions and millions of people to the site.

Pokerstars apparently wanted to continue the deal, though Moneymaker wanted an arrangement that would keep him closer to home and his family. Moneymaker was travelling the world, promoting Pokerstars and the game of poker, and he wanted to switch gears after a 17-year relationship with the company.

This resulted in Moneymaker and Pokerstars parting ways, though Moneymaker hinted that he would be signing another deal shortly.

That deal ended up being with America's Cardroom, and Moneymaker is now officially a "Team Pro" with the site.

Here is the site's announcement of the signing on Twitter:


This deal makes a great deal of sense for both sides.

Chris Moneymaker gets to stay at home with his family and avoid the grind of constant travel, while America's Cardroom gets a big name to add to their list of sponsored players.


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