Calvin Ayre Set To Increase Focus on Cryptocurrencies

Published on February 24th, 2021 1:34 pm EST

Industry legend is moving on to pastures anew.Earlier this week, stopped publishing new content on its site.

Those who visit the site will now be greeted by a message from Calvin Ayre, in which he says that his primary focus has changed from the world of online gambling to cryptocurrencies.

Ayre asks his readers to visit, which is where he will be focusing his efforts now. was a great resource in the online gambling industry, as it did a fantastic job of covering new developments without much in the way of bias. With sites like Pokerstars owning stakes in a number of large online gambling news sites, there is a definite lack of unbiased coverage in the industry. will remain online, though no new content will be added.


Calvin Ayre has had an incredible couple of decades.

At one time, Ayre was literally one of the most wanted men in the world, as the US government wanted to bring him to "justice" for running

A few years ago, Ayre settled with the US government, pleading guilty to a single misdemeanour charge. The US government dropped the rest of the charges against Ayre.

In order to continue serving the US markets, Bodog/Bovada had to figure out a way to process payments without risking interference from US authorities.

This led to Ayre's embracing of cryptocurrencies, as Bodog/Bovada was one of the first online gambling sites to incorporate Bitcoin into their operations.

In 2017, Ayre purchased

- will be missed - let's hope that all of the talented writers on the site find landing spots in short order.


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