World Series of Poker Should Look Like Normal

Published on May 14th, 2021 12:32 am EST

Reopening good vibes.  Music to the ears.  Illustration.The World Series of Poker later this year should look the same as in years past.

It appears as though there will be no plexiglass, no social distancing and no masks at the World Series of Poker as Las Vegas is quickly returning to normal.

Over the past week, poker rooms around Las Vegas have put out press releases, advertising that they are returning to normal.

Full capacity.

No social distancing.

No plexiglass.

In addition, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) announced earlier today that fully vaccinated Americans can safely "avoid masks in most places".

In addition, the CDC said that fully vaccinated people will no longer need to physically distance in "most places".


This news is music to the ears of Las Vegas, which has been doing its best to comply with social distancing and mask guidelines over the past number of months.

This also means that a very busy second half poker schedule can push forward in Las Vegas - a schedule that includes the World Series of Poker, which is set to get underway this fall.


The widespread desire to return to normal will likely result in very large crowds at the World Series of Poker, as poker players are itching to play in poker's biggest event.

While the domestic crowd will surely be massive, the tournament series may suffer a bit if countries like Canada are still restricting travel by the end of the summer.


All in all, this is the news that poker players have been waiting for, and you can safely start booking those hotels and planes for the World Series of Poker.


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