EPT Prague Will Look To Run at "Later Date"

Published on November 30th, 2021 12:53 am EST

The poker festival in Prague has been affected by a new wave of lockdowns.The Coronavirus is disrupting the poker world once again.

This past weekend, Pokerstars announced that the EPT (European Poker Tour) Prague would be postponed indefinitely.

The reason?

The Czech government recently declared a 30-day state of emergency due to rising Coronavirus cases in the country.

Part of the restrictions included a 1,000 person cap on people who have been vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19 at cultural and sports events, while all other public gatherings can only have 100 visitors.

These restrictions obviously impacted the planned EPT Prague series, and tournament organizers elected to postpone the festival, with the hopes of running it again at a later date.


The live poker world had been re-opening recently as countries loosened their travel restrictions.

This included the United States, which eased their foreign travel restrictions during the World Series of Poker. Tournament organizers seized on this opportunity by adding a couple of flights to Day 1 of the main event, which helped to boost the main event turnout.

In recent weeks, however, a number of European countries have enacted new COVID-19 lockdowns, which may end up impacting more poker festivals going forward.


As mentioned, Pokerstars has said that they plan on running the postponed EPT Prague event when they are able to do so.


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