Partypoker "Blacklist" Will Be Operational for Millions Europe Festival in Barcelona

Published on May 28th, 2022 12:05 pm EST

A large poker room is taking an important step towards banning cheaters out of the game of poker.  Starting in Barcelona.If you are a cheater and have been caught by partypoker, the site has some more bad news for you.

You won't be able to play any of their live events as well.

Partypoker has been pushing for a global poker blacklist, where sites share knowledge and keep a "global" list of known cheaters.

These cheaters would be banned from all sites.

The project, partypoker admits, is a long-term one, but that won't stop the site from enforcing their own "black list".

Earlier this week, partypoker said that players that have been banned from their network will be unable to play in any of their "live" events, including MILLIONS, PPC and Grand Prix Tours.

This policy will be enforced at the upcoming Millions Europe festival in Barcelona.

Any players that have been banned online by partypoker will be unable to play in any of the events in Barcelona.


In the past, banned online players have shown up at "live" events and played with no issues, even if the site that banned them was hosting the tournament.

Extending a "blacklist" to live events is a small but important step along the road to completely banning cheating players from poker.

The poker world continues to be rocked by fresh cheating allegations involving high-profile players.

There needs to be a serious deterrent to cheating, and the creation of a global blacklist would certainly be that.

Source: - The Poker Blacklist and MILLIONS


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