Negreanu Dealing With Extortion Attempts, Uncomfortable Encounters

Published on June 11th, 2022 12:42 am EST

Daniel Negreanu is taking things in stride as he is going through an uncomfortable week.If you have been following along with Daniel Negreanu's World Series of Poker Vlogs over the past week or so (link below), you'll know that he has been dealing with some very unusual issues.

The biggest issue? An attempted extortion attempt.

Negreanu, in a Vlog titled "Craziest Day Ever at the WSOP", revealed text messages and a voicemail message from somebody that is attempting to extort him.

This person claims that Negreanu ran out on his family in Lake Havasu, Arizona, and that Negreanu needs to pay money in order to stop this from going public.

Let's let Negreanu take it from here:


Earlier in the week, Negreanu had an uncomfortable encounter with somebody in the World Series of Poker hallway, which you can see here:


At the Rio, Negreanu was able to slip out of the tournament area for breaks, take a back hallway and get to his RV without being noticed.

Now, Negreanu had to walk through the public hallways of the new venue, and this has led to at least one interesting "altercation" (above).

The last week has gotten so crazy for Negreanu that he has mused about possibly getting a bodyguard.


Negreanu, for his part, is taking all of this in stride and still turning out for all of his planned WSOP events.


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