Published on November 11th, 2007 5:21 pm EST

poker king approves of full tilt introducing the knockout tournamentI have to say, Full Tilt Poker does a pretty good job when it comes to introducing new and interesting tournament formats to their site. Full Tilt realizes that you always need to keep your site fresh and make sure that you are always offering something new and exciting to your loyal customers.

The new "knockout" tournament format is a lot of fun. Here is how it works:

Let's say that there is a $10 + $1 Knockout tournament. Out of the $10 buyin, $8 goes to the main prize pool, just like any other normal tournament.

However, $2 of your buyin goes towards your "bounty." Meaning that whoever knocks you out of the tournament gets a $2 bounty for knocking you out. You knock 20 people out of the tournament and you will pick up an extra $20, in addition to whatever you cash from the normal prize pool.

For the serious players this tournament format might seem kind of silly, but tournaments like these (and the Daily Double) do a great job of luring new money into the site, as both of these tournaments provide a lot of entertainment value for their players.

Kudos to Full Tilt Poker for introducing this tournament format, and I think it will be very successful over the long term.


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