Published on May 7th, 2008 4:47 am EST

poker king is not impressed with the latest potential ultimate bet scandal - bad beat jackpotI received an interesting email from a reader of this site tonight. It said:

"Google the current Bad Beat Jackpot winner on Ultimatebet," the email said. "Notice anything strange?"

I headed over to the "Ultimate Bad Beat Jackpot" page on and read this -

"Congratulations to the latest Bad Beat Jackpot winner dhc2lovr who hit on Tuesday, May 06 03:03:00 EDT at the table Muldrow to the tune of $448920.71!"

So I enter "dhc2lovr" into Google and get taken to a 2+2 page located here.

"Kevmath" posted this in the thread on March 26, 2008 4:18 pm:

"Congratulations to the latest Bad Beat Jackpot winner dhc2lovr who hit on Tuesday, March 25 02:48:00 EDT at the table Tomnolen to the tune of $171498.31!"

He presumably took this from Ultimatebet's Bad Beat Jackpot page at the time. The problem is that I don't think Ultimatebet keeps a full list of past Bad Beat Jackpot winners posted on their site.

There are additional threads on Pocketfives and Full Contact Poker that reference his win in March if you type "dhc2lovr" into Google.

With the Absolute Poker superuser scandal and the yet to be resolved "nionio" situation on Ultimatebet, many people are going to be extremely suspicious of two Bad Beat Jackpots won by the SAME player in a month and a half. I mean seriously?? I'd love to know the odds of one person hitting two Bad Beat Jackpots in 43 days..


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