Matrix Tournaments Unleashed on Full Tilt Poker

Published on October 14th, 2008 10:31 pm EST

poker room full tilt - introduces matrix tournamentsFull Tilt Poker introduced a new style of Sit and Go earlier today when they officially launched their "Matrix Tournaments." The new style is certainly interesting (and a bit confusing at first) and allows players to multi-table without having to plunk down multiple buy-ins.

From what I have seen, "Matrix" Sit and Go's are available from the lowest buy-ins all the way up to the $2,100+$90 level. There are six-seat "Matrix" Sit and Go's and nine-seat "Matrix" Sit and Go's.

Let's take a nine-seat $20+$2 "Matrix" Sit and Go as an example. You can tell that they are a "Matrix" Sit and Go by the "M" that is next to them in the Sit and Go lobby.

Nine players enter the Sit and Go. Four tables open up, and the same nine players are seated at each table. The nine players in the tournament will play down to a winner at each table, just as if they were four-tabling individual SNGs.

Each table will have its own prize pool. So in the case of the $22 "Matrix" Sit and Go, each table has its own individual prize pool of $36. First place will receive $18, second place will receive $10.80 and third place will receive $7.20. So if you won on one of the tables and finished third in another, then you would have earned a total of $25.20 (so far).

So each "Matrix" Sit and Go has a total prize pool of $180, but only $144 has been accounted for so far ($36 prize pool for each table x 4). Where does the extra $36 go?

The extra $36 goes into the "Matrix Pool", and is paid out when all four tables have been completed.

Each player has a "Matrix" score that is calculated throughout the tournament. A player will earn 2 "Matrix" points for every knockout, 1 point for each player that they survive longer than, and a 2 point bonus for finishing first on any of the four tables that they play.

For instance - let's say that you are sitting nine-handed. You pick up pocket Aces and proceed to bust a player. You would pick up two points for knocking someone out, and everyone at the table would pick up one "survival" point for outlasting the ninth place finisher.

The "Matrix" prize pool pays out the top three finishers as well. In the lobby of your tournament, you will see the total number of points earned so far, the maximum number of points that you can still attain, as well as your projected point total.

So far the tournaments seem to be popular, but it will be interesting to see if they really catch on or if the novelty will wear off.


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