Published on September 24th, 2004, 4:25 pm EST

Recently MSNBC (link provided at the bottom of this article) had a story regarding poker bots, and how they are "infiltrating" online poker games.

After this article was posted, we had numerous people e-mail us, asking if they should continue playing online. The basic thought was, how can I possibly beat a computer program that is going to play perfect poker everytime?

To start off, the computer program will only be as good as the programmer who wrote the code. I mean, a computer program could have the ability to play only when odds dictate it should play, but that isn't all there is to poker. A player must be able to bluff, scare people out of hands, etc. Will a computer program be able to effectively keep human opponents guessing? We think not.

Also, in our experience, the larger poker sites have been fairly pro-active in banning some of the more popular bot programs, because they clearly see it as a blemish on their business if they allow poker bots to keep operating. Surely there are poker bots operating undetected at the larger sites, but we have a fair amount of confidence that the larger online poker sites will detect and eradicate these bots.

Also, many computer programmers are going to try and fail in developing their poker bots. Failure meaning, the bots are going to lose money. Poker is a complex game, and programming a bot to properly play the game effectively is a monumental task. Don't lose too much sleeping thinking about the poker bots.

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