Details on the WCOOP Reload Bonus at Pokerstars

Published on August 5th, 2009 10:52 am EST

-- pokerstars logo  - new bonus announced --Pokerstars doesn't have many flaws - they are the largest online poker network in the world (by far) for good reason.

However, two of the biggest complaints that I often hear about Pokerstars are:

1. A weak initial deposit bonus (especially compared to rooms such as Full Tilt Poker)

2. A lack of reload bonuses.

If you have complained about either of these two things (or both) in the past, then you will be pretty happy with a couple of recent announcements from Pokerstars.

First off, the old 100% initial deposit bonus of up to $50 is gone. From what I have heard, this bonus is gone "indefinitely".

In its place? A brand new 100% first deposit bonus of up to $600.

Note: this bonus is only open to people who have not made a deposit on the site before.

To qualify for this new sign-up bonus, simply sign up for an account at Pokerstars and deposit real money onto the site.

You will be prompted for a "Pokerstars Bonus Code" when depositing - be sure to enter STARS600 in order to qualify for the new bonus.

Unlike other sites that only count the size of your first deposit towards the size of your bonus, Pokerstars will allow you to make two more qualifying deposits within 90 days of making your first deposit on the site.

Let's say that you decide to open up an account and deposit $150 initially. At most other online poker rooms, this would lock you in to a maximum bonus of $150.

However, Pokerstars will allow you to make two more deposits within a 90 day period that will determine the size of your bonus.

For instance, if you deposit $150 and then $450 the very next day, then you would still be eligible for the maximum bonus of $600.

Pokerstars will give you up to six months to earn your bonus.


If you have already deposited on Pokerstars then don't worry - there is something for you as well.

Pokerstars is currently offering a $300 reload bonus to celebrate the upcoming 2009 WCOOP (which begins in early September).

This is a 50% reload bonus, meaning that a deposit of $600 will entitle you to the maximum available $300 bonus.

In order to qualify for this bonus, you need to do two things:

1. Make a deposit on the site before August 14th, 23:59 ET.

2. Enter WCOOP as your "Pokerstars Bonus Code" when depositing.

Once you have made your first deposit, Pokerstars will allow you to make two more deposits within a 90 day period - these three bonuses will count towards your reload bonus. Regardless of how much you deposit, the maximum available reload bonus is $300.

For more information on the $300 reload bonus at Pokerstars, please visit their $300 reload bonus page.


Best of luck at the tables!


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