Barry Shulman Wins 2009 World Series of Poker Europe Main Event

Published on October 2nd, 2009 5:52 am EST

The 2009 World Series of Poker Europe main event final table concluded just a few hours ago, with Barry Shulman outlasting Daniel Negreanu in an exciting heads up battle to take down the bracelet.

334 players entered the 2009 WSOPE main event, which meant that there was a total of 3.34 million pounds in the prize pool.

Barry Shulman ended up taking home just over 801k pounds for his victory, while Daniel Negreanu walked away with a little less than 500k pounds.

Negreanu's second place finish moves him (at least temporarily) past Jamie Gold and Phil Ivey on the all-time tournament money list. Negreanu won the equivalent of about $787k in the WSOPE main event, which means that he now has approximately $12.4 million dollars in total "live" tournament cashes.

Phil Ivey, of course, is a member of the "November Nine" and could pass Negreanu and Gold by finishing sixth or better in the World Series of Poker main event.

One thing is almost certain - Jamie Gold's days at the top of the all-time money list are over.

Team continues to have a very solid 2009, as Barry Shulman took down the WSOPE main event, while Jeff Shulman (who is Barry Shulman's son) is a member of the "November Nine".

The final table of the WSOPE main event was a true endurance test, taking over 17 hours to finish.

The heads up battle between Shulman and Negreanu featured a number of lead changes and a few unbelievable hands. Negreanu was all-in with a chance to win the tournament on a couple of different occasions, including:

1. Ac-As vs Ah-5h.

After a flop of 6h-8h-Kd, Shulman and Negreanu quickly got all of their chips into the middle of the table.

Shulman showed Ah-5h for the nut flush draw, while Negreanu showed pocket Aces for an overpair.

The turn brought the 2h, giving Shulman the nut flush and a key double-up.

2. As-Ah vs Qc-Jd.

After a flop of 5d-8d-Jc, Shulman and Negreanu once again found themselves all-in.

This time it was Shulman that had the pocket Aces, while Negreanu turned up Q-J.

The turn brought the Jh, giving Negreanu trip Jacks. "Kid Poker" was now one card away from taking down the WSOPE main event.

The river brought the Ad, giving Shulman a full house and another key double-up.


The end came a short time later after Negreanu pushed all-in holding pocket fours, and Shulman called with his pocket tens.

Negreanu wasn't able to spike a four, and Barry Shulman took down the tournament.


All in all, a very entertaining main event that featured some pretty unbelievable action at the final table.


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