Published on September 3rd, 2005, 12:09 am EST

Empire Poker's publicly traded shares, which just listed a few months ago, have been going wild the last two days. The reason? Apparently somebody has made a pitch to purchase the company.

Who is the purchaser? You would have to say that Party Poker is the odds on favorite to purchase Empire Poker. Why? Party Poker licenses its software out to Empire Poker, but Empire Poker is a very big "competitor" to Party Poker. Sure, Party Poker receives money from Empire because Empire uses Party's software, but the money that Empire's users are generating in rake would make this deal a no-brainer. Empire has a very big user base, and Party could recoup their money quickly, and also eliminate a major competitor from the market.

My money is on Party Poker as the acquirer. Only possibilities include Betonsports and Bodog, but they seem like distant possibilities to me at this point.


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