Player Permanently Banned from World Series of Poker After Attempting to Steal Chips

Published on May 31st, 2010 3:29 am EST

-- King scratching his beard and going mmmmnnn --According to a post on the "Full Tilt Poker Blog" (link below), a player has been permanently banned from the World Series of Poker after attempting to steal chips from another player at his table.

According to Michael Craig's blog post, titled "Seen and Heard at the Series #4 - Banned Forever", a "fiftyish-looking man with gray hair, wearing a baseball cap" was escorted "from the Amazon room by three Harrah's security guards" after being busted for cheating.

The incident apparently took place during Day 1A of the $1k NLHE event on Saturday afternoon.

According to Tournament Director Jack Effel, the now-banned player was involved in a hand that took place just before a 20 minute break. The players that weren't involved in the hand left the table, as there was a short break coming up. The banned player won the pot, raking in the chips with one hand. However, this pot just wasn't enough for the culprit, as he decided to also swipe a stack of chips from the player sitting next to him (who had departed for the break) with his other hand when the dealer wasn't looking.

According to the blog post, tournament officials took a look at the tape and saw what had happened, resulting in the player being escorted from the tournament area and permanently banned from the World Series of Poker.

Permanently banned from the World Series of Poker after attempting to steal a couple hundred chips at the beginning of a multi-day tournament with thousands and thousands of entrants? This might be the dumbest guy ever..

Source: Full Tilt Poker Blog - "Banned Forever"


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