Phil Ivey and Viktor Blom Are Both Still Alive in WSOPE Main Event

Published on September 27th, 2010 6:08 am EST

Phil Ivey at the WSOPE 2010 - Wearing a black leather jacket1. Ivey, "Isildur1" Still Alive in World Series of Poker Europe Main Event.

Ronald Lee will begin as the tournament chipleader when Day 4 of the WSOPE (World Series of Poker Europe) main event gets underway in a few hours.

Ronald Lee managed to finish Day 3 with approximately 947k in chips, while David Peters and Andrew Pantling both managed to finish north of 800k chips as well.

There are a couple of very familiar names at the top of the leaderboard as well heading into Day 4 on Monday, as both Viktor "Isildur1" Blom (705k) and Phil Ivey (657k) managed to finish play on Sunday with above-average chip stacks.

There are currently 22 players left in the event after three full days of play. Some of the notable names who are still alive include:

Viktor Blom, 705k
Phil Ivey, 657k
Hoyt Corkins, 566k
Greg Mueller, 151k
Roland de Wolfe, 113k

The remaining 22 players are all guaranteed a minimum of 26,400 GBP for making it through to Day 4.

Some of the notable names who hit the rail on Sunday included Barry Greenstein, Yevgeniy Timoshenko and Freddy Deeb.

If Phil Ivey and "Isildur1" both happen to make the final table, the poker world might just implode.

2. Gus Hansen Wins His First World Series of Poker Bracelet.

Gus Hansen finally won a World Series of Poker bracelet on Sunday after defeating Jim Collopy in the final match of the 10k NLHE High Roller Heads-Up event. Hansen took home nearly 300k GBP and the WSOPE bracelet, while Collopy walked away with a little over 178k pounds.

After falling behind early to Collopy in Match #3, Hansen managed to battle back, thanks in large part to a monster pot that completely deflated Collopy.

With the board reading 8s-Jh-Jd-5d-2d, Collopy checked to Hansen, who pushed all-in after a few minutes of thought. Collopy snap-called and turned over Qd-Jc for trip Jacks, while Hansen flipped over 2c-2h for a rivered full house.

To his credit, Collopy continued to battle hard after this hand. However, the end eventually came in the form of an all-in confrontation that saw Hansen turn over pocket Fours and Collopy turn over Ks-4s.

The board ran out Js-5c-6d-10s-3d, and Gus Hansen was finally able to lay his hands on his very first World Series of Poker bracelet.




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