Who is St1ckman?

Player: St1ckman

Real Name: Sergey Vasiliev

Also Plays Under: In addition to playing under his "St1ckman" alias on Pokerstars, Sergey also plays under "Neo81" on Full Tilt Poker.

Online Notes: Sergey is generally regarded as being one of the toughest Limit Hold'em players in the world, especially when it comes to online play.

According to PokerTableRatings.com, "St1ckman" is up over $1.46 million on Pokerstars since August of 2008. His best single day performance came on September 22nd, 2009, when he made an estimated $225k. His worst day came on October 15th, 2009, when he lost approximatelhy $175k.

-- We do not have the picture of Sergey Vasiliev aka St1ckman yet - for now there is a picture of Kings gold dollar cane --According to PTR, "St1ckman" has been most successful playing $200/$400 short-handed Limit Hold'em, where he has made an estimated $851k since the summer of 2008. His next best game during that time has been $1000/$2000 Limit Hold'em, where he has made about $308k.

His worst game on Pokerstars? $500/$1000 Limit Hold'em, where he has lost approximately $235k.

"St1ckman" dabbles in a bit of No Limit Hold'em and PLO but spends the vast majority of his time playing high stakes Limit Hold'em.

Under his "Neo81" account on Full Tilt Poker, Sergey has been remarkably strong as well, making just over $1 million since March of 2008.

His best game on the site has been $1000/$2000 Limit Hold'em, where he has made about $426k since March of 2008. His worst game? $500/$1000 (-$129k), though this is over a very small number of hands (1,344).

"Neo81" has done remarkably well on Full Tilt Poker over the last few months, winning approximately $650k during that time.

It's not very often when a player has made a million dollars in cash games on both Full Tilt Poker and Pokerstars.

Live Notes: As far as I can tell, Vasiliev has no live cashes so far in his poker career, though he has played in some live events.

Other Notes and Info: Not much is known about "St1ckman", other than that his name is Sergey Vasiliev, he is from Russia, and he also happens to be one of the top Limit Hold'em players in the world.

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