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ClubWPT markets itself as the "best legal US poker room".

What? How can an online poker room market itself as being "legal", especially after the events of "Black Friday"?

According to their site, ClubWPT is "100% legal online poker" because it "operates within the sweepstakes rules and guidelines where they are legal".

Here is how it works, according to ClubWPT:

"Because there are no buy-ins and no deposits, unlike most online poker sites, the players don't have to pay additional fees or deposits to "buy-in" online tournaments. Your low-monthly membership subscription covers all you need to play online at ClubWPT, which means that, ultimately, there is no risk for you."

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A membership to costs $19.95 per month. In exchange for your membership fee, you are awarded "tournament points" that can be used to buy in to tournaments on the site. The more points that you accumulate, the more tournaments that you will be able to buy in to. hosts a number of tournaments that offer cash and World Poker Tour packages as prizes.

If you win cash in a tournament (let's say that you cash in the monthly $10,000 event), then you are free to withdraw this money from the site. Since ClubWPT operates legally in the United States, there are no issues depositing checks that the site sends to you (note: ClubWPT is available in most states but not all, so please check in regards to availability in your state).

It should be noted that is owned by PartyGaming, which runs and a number of other properties. I doubt that PartyGaming would market ClubWPT if the site wasn't legal in the United States, so this should help to set your mind at ease in regards to whether or not it is safe to play on the site.

In addition, ClubWPT has been in operation for a number of years now.

You may have seen advertisements for ClubWPT on recent episodes of "High Stakes Poker" and the World Poker Tour. Many American players are giving the site a look, thanks to the fact that Pokerstars and Full Tilt Poker have now shut their doors to players from the United States.

Sure, ClubWPT doesn't have anything close to the prize money available on sites such as Pokerstars. On the other hand, there are very few options available to players from the US right now.

ClubWPT is growing very quickly thanks to "Black Friday", so I wouldn't be surprised to see their prize pools grow quickly as well.

If you are thirsting to play some online poker, then you should definitely give ClubWPT a shot.

Click Here for a Free Two Week Trial of ClubWPT