Does Pokerstars Rig Their Site To Punish Certain Players?

Q: Is Pokerstars Rigged?

A: You will often hear people complaining about how "Pokerstars is rigged", especially after a particularly bad night of cards.

The complaints against Pokerstars can look something like this:

1. "I complained about something to Pokerstars support and now they rigged the site against me!"
2. "Nobody could possibly run this bad - the site must be rigged!"
3. "I was winning too much and now they have rigged the site for me to lose!"

People have a variety of opinions as to how Pokerstars "rigs" the site, including:

1. The site creates "action" flops to increase the size of pots (and rake)
2. The site punishes successful players who withdraw from the site
3. The site punishes players who make a complaint to Pokerstars management.


Let's make one thing clear - while we aren't the biggest fans of Pokerstars, there is no chance, in our opinion, that they rig the site in any way, shape or form.

The reason? There is simply too much money at stake.

Let's not forget that Pokerstars makes over $1 million PER DAY in pure profit. Why would Pokerstars put a multi-billion business in jeopardy by somehow rigging their site? It doesn't make sense - they are doing just fine as it is. If it ever got out that Pokerstars did, in fact, rig their site, they could incinerate their business overnight.

Another thing - in order to receive licensing in any number of jurisdictions around the world, Pokerstars has to have their RNG (Random Number Generator) tested and verified by independent third parties. Again, there is too much money at stake to mess around with their RNG.


In short - you may feel that outrageous things are happening on Pokerstars, but the chance that they are "rigging" the site against you is exactly 0%. There is just no chance, given their size and the money that is at stake, that Pokerstars is running anything other than a perfectly legitimate operation.

Pokerstars is a company that makes millions of dollars per day and has a valuation of over $4 billion, business deals with companies like Fox Sports and licenses all around the world. There is no chance that they are rigging their site.

*note: This is all our opinion

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