Definition of Ace High

What is the definition of the term "ace high" in the world of poker? What does the term "ace high" mean?

In poker, "ace high" refers to when a player holds an Ace in their hand but can not make a pair, two pair, full house, flush, straight flush or royal flush using what is on the board.

What is the meaning of the term Ace High in the game of poker?  The King defines the term and provides an exampleSo, for instance, let's say that somebody is dealt A-7 of hearts. The board runs out 4s-Ks-Qd-10h-3d. In this case, the player has "Ace high" because he doesn't have a pair or anything else.

Unless this player gets extremely fortunate, the only way that they will likely win the hand is if they can bet their opponent off of their hand. Most casual players will have a hard time betting this hand on the river - instead, a check-fold would likely take place if they were faced with a bet from their opponent.

One of the worst feelings in poker is starting with a very strong hand like A-K and having the board completely miss.


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