Definition of All-In Shootout

What is an "all-in shootout"? What is the definition of the term "All-in shootout"?

The meaning of the poker tournament term All-in Shootout is explained and illustrated in this article.In poker, an "all-in shootout" is a tournament in which everybody is automatically all-in for each and every hand.

These tournaments are not extremely popular, as there is literally zero element of skill involved.

There are no decisions to be made in an all-in shootout, as you will automatically be placed all-in for every hand, regardless of how strong your holding is.

If you desire to enter yourself into a tournament which will be over in just a couple of minutes, the all-in shootout is for you.

In fact, you don't even have to be logged in to "play" in an all-in shootout event, as there are no decisions to be made. Instead, the tournament's winner will be decided for you.

All-in tournaments are a great way for poker rooms to generate rake, and they really aren't good for anything else.

I'd avoid these tournament unless you received entry via some sort of a promotion.


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