Definition of Cash Game

What is the definition of a "cash game"? What does the term "cash game" mean in poker?

In poker, a "cash game" is a game where you can buy-in and leave whenever you want. In addition, you can add more money if you "bust" your stack.

This compares to a tournament or SNG, where everyone pays the same buy-in, and once you bust, you are out of the tournament. (assuming that there are no re-buys).

The King explains the meaning of the term Cash Game.For instance - let's say that there is a $1/$2 No Limit Hold'em cash game at your local casino. The minimum buy-in is $50, and the maximum buy-in is $200.

This means that you can buy in for any amount between $50 and $200. The stakes will remain fixed for the entirety of the game, and you can re-buy and leave whenever you want.

In a tournament, on the other hand, you need to commit to playing for a certain length of time if you plan on going deep in the tournament. For instance, you might pay $109 to enter into a tournament, only to play for six hours and bust on the "money bubble".

In a cash game, you can pick the amount of time that you play, which can come in handy if you can't commit to an entire day's worth of playing.

In a cash game, you are playing with "real money".

Cash games are also called "ring games".

Many people prefer cash games as there is less variance than in tournaments.


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