Definition of Late Position

What does the term "late position" mean in poker? What is the definition of the term "late position"?

The term "late position" refers to the two players who are currently the "button" (dealer) and "cut-off" (person seated to the right of the button) in any hand.

Definition of term Late Position - Poker DictionaryLet's say that you are seated in a nine-handed No Limit Hold'em cash game at your local casino.

You currently have the button, which means that you are in "late position". In addition, the player seated to the right of you is also considered to be in "late position".

let's look at the entire table for a second and see what "position" everybody is considered to be in:

Player 1 (SB) - Early Position
Player 2 (BB) - Early Position
Player 3 (Under the Gun) - Early Position
Player 4 (Under the Gun + 1) - Middle Position
Player 5 (Under the Gun + 2) - Middle Position
Player 6 - Middle Position
Player 7 - Middle Position
Player 8 (Cut-off) - Late Position
Player 9 (Button) - Late Position


A player that is in late position has a significant advantage over the players in early and middle position.

For instance - let's say that the UTG (Under the Gun) player raises it pre-flop holding pocket Sixes.

Now, action folds around to the cut-off, who re-raises the UTG player. The button calls, while the SB and BB both fold.

Action is now back on the UTG player. What does he do here? Does he call? Does he really want to play this hand out of position with a holding like pocket Sixes?

The cut-off or button, on the other hand, could afford to play this hand much more aggressively with a hand like pocket Sixes, as they have position.


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