Definition of Overpair

What does the term "overpair" mean as it applies to the world of poker? What is meant by the term "overpair"?

In poker, an "overpair" is a pocket pair that is higher than any of the pairs that could be made with the cards that are currently on the board.

Definition of Overpair - Poker Dictionary - Illustration of Pair of JacksFor instance - let's say that you have a pair of Jacks in your hand and are on the button. Action folds around to you, and you put in a standard pre-flop raise. The SB folds, while the BB calls.

The flop comes 3h-4h-10s. Now, in this case, you have an "overpair", as your pocket pair is higher than any of the pairs that could be made with the cards that are on the board. If the BB held something like J-10, he would have "top pair" based on what is currently on the board, but you would be holding an "overpair".

Let's look at one more example to fully illustrate this definition.

You are playing in a heads-up online cash game. Your opponent has the button in this hand, while you are the BB.

With the board reading 2h-3h-10s-Js-8d, you decide to lead out with a bet. You are holding J-Q - top pair, Queen kicker.

After a bit of thought, your opponent raises. Your opponent will rarely bluff in this situation, so you decide to fold. Your opponent flips over pocket Kings, which is an "overpair", as it is higher than any of the possible pairs that could have been made with the board.


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