Definition of Pot Limit Omaha

What is the definition of the term "pot limit omaha" in the game of poker? What is meant by "pot limit omaha"?

Pot Limit Omaha, also known as "PLO", has surged in popularity over the past decade or so. While it is still not as popular as No Limit Hold'em, Pot Limit Omaha has become the clear second game of choice for many poker players.

In Pot Limit Omaha, players are dealt four cards facedown. Similar to Hold'em, a flop is dealt, followed by a turn and a river.

Two of the four facedown cards must be used to make a hand. For instance, if a player is dealt A-A-K-Q and the flop comes A-2-4, the two Aces are used to make a best possible hand of trip Aces.

The meaning of the term Pot Limit Omaha.  How does the game differ from other poker games?

Example: let's say that you are dealt 3d-4d-Qd-8s and the board reads 7s-Js-Qs-3s-7d. In this case, you don't NOT have a flush, as you need to use TWO of your cards in order to make a hand. In this case, you would simply have 3s and 7s (with the board pairing the 7s).

Pot Limit Omaha utilizes the pot bet system, which means that you can bet up to the size of the pot. So, if the size of the pot is $100, your maximum bet size would be $100, assuming that nobody has yet to act in the hand.

If the size of the pot is $100 and somebody puts out a $50 bet, then your maximum bet size would be $200, as pot bets include the money that is in the pot, as well as the amount that you must place into the middle in order to call the bet. So, in this case, the maximum size of your raise would be $200 - $100 in the pot to start the betting action, plus the $50 bet from your opponent, plus the $50 that it will take you to call the wager, which will make for a pot-sized bet of $200.


Pot Limit Omaha is a high variance game due to the fact that four cards are dealt to opponents instead of two. If you are planning on playing Pot Limit Omaha cash games or tournaments, you may want to increase your bankroll requirements due to the increase in variance.


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