Players Split $1.8 Million Pot

Published on January 21st, 2022 6:18 pm EST

Largest pot in the history of poker took place in a recent heads-up match.The biggest cash game pot in the history of online poker recently took place between Tony G and Leon Tsoukernik.

The two were battling in $1000/$2000 Pot Limit Omaha on a site called Coin Poker.

Both men have very deep pockets, as Tony G sold Pokernews a few years ago, while Tsoukernik has a number of different business interests, including the King's Casino Rozvadov.

Both Tony G and Tsoukernik love to gamble, which is why it wasn't a surprise to see them both put $900,000 in the middle after being dealt Pocket Aces in Pot Limit Omaha.


Tony G had the slightly better hand pre-flop, as he was dealt AA910 double-suited, while Tsoukernik was dealt Aces with a single suit (clubs).

With $1.8 million in the middle pre-flop, the two men could only sit back and watch fate deal the hand.

The flop brought:


This put Tony G ahead in the hand by an even larger margin, as he now had a heart draw.

Neither player had a Jack.

The turn and river were both bricks, and the two men split the $1.8 million pot.


This was the largest pot in the history of online poker, even topping the pots seen on Full Tilt Poker during its pre-Black Friday days.

Cryptocurrency makes it much easier for players to move large sums of money online, so perhaps we'll see even bigger pots in the future.


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