Definition of Time Bank

What does the term "time bank" mean in the world of poker? What is the definition of the term "time bank" in poker?

In poker, a "time bank" is an extra amount of time that tournament players can utilize when they need to put some extra thought into a decision.

This "time bank" can be utilized over the course of a tournament and is usually refreshed when players make it to a final table.

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For instance - let's say that a site gives you 120 seconds in "time bank" for a tournament. If you decide to use 30 seconds of this time bank early on in a tournament, you would now be down to 90 seconds. The "time bank" does not refresh after each hand.

On most sites, the time bank will be refreshed for all players when a final table begins. For instance, if your time bank was down to just 7 seconds heading into the final table, you will have your time bank refreshed to 120 seconds if you make it through to the final table.

Time banks are intended to give players extra time in order to make tough decisions, while also putting a cap on the time that can be taken over the course of a hand.

Time banks can also be a source of frustration. For instance, a player that is stalling to get a pay jump might use their entire time bank in order to stall.

Or, a player might use their entire time bank in order to try to "snipe" somebody that is streaming their play on


Some people argue that many players in this day and age use far too much time to make decisions, and that the time banks online don't help.


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