Definition of WSOP POY

What does the term "WSOP POY" mean? What is meant by the term "WSOP POY"?

The WSOP POY stands for "World Series of Poker Player of the Year", which ia awarded to the player who performs the best over the course of the World Series of Poker (Las Vegas) and World Series of Poker Europe (Czech Republic).

The meaning of the term WSOP POY (player of the year) is explained by the Poker King.The World Series of Poker has a points system in place that gives out points based on where a player cashes, how much they cash for, how big the tournament field is, etc.

The World Series of Poker maintains a leaderboard that is frequently updated. Each time a WSOP tournament concludes, the WSOP will update the leaderboard.

There has been some controversy in years past over the way that the World Series of Poker issues points, as some people (including Daniel Negreanu) have felt that the points given out for simply cashing in an event are too generous, and that more weight should be given to actually winning bracelets.


The player who finishes at the top of the WSOP POY leaderboard at the end of the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas receives a free entry to the WSOPE main event in the Czech Republic.

The player who finishes at the top of the leaderboard at the conclusion of the WSOPE will receive a free entry to the following year's World Series of Poker main event in Las Vegas.


A great deal of money is wagered on the WSOP POY every year, as players will bet to see who finishes higher. This leads to people playing an insane amount of events in order to try and win their prop bets.


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