"Isildur1" Wins Second Superstar Showdown With Profit of $44,820

Published on January 3rd, 2011 9:15 am EST

Superstar Showdown at Pokerstars - Logo"Isildur1" won the second "Superstar Showdown" against Tony G last night, finishing with a total profit of $44,820 after 2,500 hands.

The match consisted of 1,250 hands of $50/$100 Pot Limit Omaha and 1,250 hands of $50/$100 No Limit Hold'em.

The No Limit Hold'em portion of the battle was very close, with "Isildur1" grinding out a small $500 profit.

The Pot Limit Omaha portion of the battle was a different story, with "Isildur1" posting a profit of $44,320.

The match between "Isildur1" and Tony G was very close as they neared the 2,500 hand mark. Then, this hand took place:

NLHE. "Isildur1" has about $51k in front of him, while Tony G has about $30k.

"Isildur1" raises from the button, Tony G re-raises to $1,100, "Isildur1" makes it $3,750, Tony G pushes all-in and "Isildur1" makes the call.

"Isildur1" turns over Kd-Kh, while Tony G flips over 6s-Ks.

The board runs out 2c-8s-2d-9c-5d, giving "Isildur1" the $60,500 pot and the decisive lead in the match. The battle ended a short time later.


The biggest hand of the match occurred at one of the Pot Limit Omaha tables.

At the time, both players were very deep-stacked, with "Isildur1" sitting with about $65k and Tony G sitting with about $62k.

"Isildur1" raises from the button pre-flop and Tony G makes the call.

The flop comes:


Tony G leads out with a bet of $600. "Isildur1" raises to $2,400. Tony G makes it $7,800, and "Isildur1" makes the call.

The turn brings the 5s. Tony G bets $16,200, and "Isildur1" makes the call.

The river brings the 9c. Tony G bets the rest of his stack ($37,850), and "Isildur1" snapcalls.

"Isildur1" shows 8c-Qc-Ts-9h for the nut straight, while Tony G flips over Jh-6d-6c-7d for two pair.


At the time, this hand gave "Isildur1" a sizable lead in the Showdown (he was up $64,280 shortly after this hand took place), but to his credit, Tony G was able to battle back and make a match of it.


"Isildur1" and Tony G did not play 4 tables throughout the entirety of the showdown, which meant that the battle ended up stretching long into the night. The match, which started at 4 pm ET, ended up concluding at around 1 am EST.

"Isildur1" is now 1-1 in the "Superstar Showdown", with a victory against Tony G and a loss against Isaac "philivey2694" Haxton.


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