Eugene Katchalov Wins PCA $100k Super High Roller Event

Published on January 8th, 2011 9:52 pm EST

Eugene Katchalov at the WSOP 2010 - Surrounded in Blue1. Eugene Katchalov Wins PCA $100k Super High Roller.

Eugene Katchalov bested Daniel Negreanu during heads-up play to take down the $100,000 Super High Roller event at the 2011 PCA earlier today. Katchalov walked away with $1.5 million after taking down the event, while second-place finisher Negreanu ended up walking away with a very respectable $1 million.

The final hand of the event came when Katchalov came over the top of a Negreanu pre-flop raise, putting Negreanu to a decision for the rest of his chips. Negreanu decided to make the call after a bit of deliberation, and the two players turned over:

Negreanu - 5s-5h
Katchalov - 4h-4d

The flop came Ac-8s-Ts, and Negreanu looked poised for a crucial double-up.

The turn brought the 4s, giving Katchalov a set of Fours.

The river brought the 2c, giving Katchalov the pot and the $1.5 million payday.


Seven players made the final day of play in the $100k Super High Roller event - here is how they ended up finishing:

1. Eugene Katchalov, $1,500,000
2. Daniel Negreanu, $1,000,000
3. Bryn Kenney, $643,000
4. Nick Schulman, $400,000
5. Humberto Brenes, $200,000
6. Sandor Demjan
7. Andrew Lichtenberger

The top five spots in the event paid out, meaning that Demjan and Lichtenberger had to suffer through 2+ days of play in the event only to end up walking away empty-handed.

Thanks to his second place finish in the event, Daniel Negreanu has passed Phil Ivey on the all-time tournament money list and is now in the top spot.

2. "Isildur1" Revealed.

One of the worst-kept secrets in poker was finally revealed today - "Isildur1" is Viktor Blom.

The poker world has been asking the question "Who is Isildur1?" ever since the Swedish-born player burst onto the high stakes scene in 2009.

The mystery can finally be put to rest, as "Isildur1" has stepped out of the shadows and into the spotlight.

You can read about Blom finally admitting to being "Isildur1" in this posting titled "Viktor Blom Cops To His Secret Identity". If you want to know more about "Isildur1", then you should definitely give this article a read.



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