Liv Boeree Takes Down Sunday Warm Up on Pokerstars

Published on February 7th, 2011 7:05 am EST

Liv Boeree - Pokerstars Sunday Warm-up Logo1. Boeree's Big Win.

"Team Pokerstars Pro" member Liv Boeree successfully navigated through a field of 4,710 players to take down the "Sunday Warm Up" on Pokerstars earlier tonight.

Boeree's path to victory wasn't an easy one, as Daniel Negreanu, Pieter De Korver and James "" Mackey all made deep runs as well. In the end, Boeree and Mackey were left to battle heads-up for the title.

The heads-up battle between "" and Boeree lasted over an hour. Boeree caught a big break after deciding to push her short stack all-in pre-flop holding 9d-Qs. Mackey called with Kd-Jc. The board came 9c-Ah-2c-Ad-5c, giving Boeree a pair of Nines and a key double-up.

Boeree soon gained the chip advantage and never looked back.

The final hand of the battle saw "" push all-in pre-flop holding Ad-6c. Boeree was dealt pocket Sevens and made the call.

The board came 5s-Qh-9s-5c-Qc, eliminating Mackey in second place and giving Boeree the title.

Boeree ended up walking away with $147,780.96, while Mackey earned $109,743.00 for his second place finish.

2. $150k Cash Game On "Poker After Dark".

A brand new cash game will air on "Poker After Dark" over the next two weeks.

The cash game will have a minimum buy-in of $150,000. The blinds will be $300/$600 with a $100 ante.

The players who will be participating over the next two weeks will be:

-David "Viffer" Peat
-Howard Lederer
-Phil Laak
-Greg "FBT" Mueller
-Olivier "livb123" Busquet
-Eli Elezra

Busquet and Mueller will both be making their first appearances on "Poker After Dark", while the remaining four players are all veterans of the show.

The first episode of the $150k Cash Game will air on Monday, February 7th at 2:05 am on NBC.



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