Viktor Blom Wins Superstar Showdown #4

Published on February 13th, 2011 8:12 pm EST

Viktor Blom - Pokerstars Superstar ShowdownViktor "Isildur1" Blom battled Eugene "MyRabbiFoo" Katchalov in the fourth "Superstar Showdown" on Pokerstars earlier today. Blom and Katchalov played 2,500 hands of $50/$100 No Limit Hold'em over a total of four tables.

The result? A $111,750 profit for "Isildur1", which moves the Swedish phenom to 3-1 in "Superstar Showdown" matches. Blom now has wins over Katchalov, Tony G and Daniel Cates in "Superstar Showdown" battles, while his lone loss has come at the hands of Isaac Haxton.

After the match between "Isildur1" and "MyRabbiFoo" had concluded, Pokerstars announced that the fifth "Superstar Showdown" match will take place on February 27th, and will pit Blom against an online qualifier.


Here is a recap of two of the biggest pots that "Isildur1" won during his battle with Katchalov:

1. Set over Set.

There was already over $10,000 in the pot when the flop came:


"Isildur1" led out with a bet of $3,850, and "MyRabbiFoo" called.

The turn brought the Kh. "Isildur1" led out with a bet of $5,650, and "MyRabbiFoo" called once again.

The river brought the 9h. "Isildur1" pushed all-in (for $16,300), and "MyRabbiFoo" made the call, creating a $62,500 pot.

The two players turned over:

"Isildur1" - Ks-Kc
"MyRabbiFoo" - 9c-9s

..and "Isildur1" took down the $62,500 pot with his set of Kings.

2. A Failed Bluff From "MyRabbiFoo".

"Isildur1" raised to $300 pre-flop and "MyRabbiFoo" called.

The flop came:


"MyRabbiFoo" checked, "Isildur1" bet $600 and "MyRabbiFoo" called.

The turn brought the Jd. "MyRabbiFoo" checked, "Isildur1" bet $1,800, "MyRabbiFoo" raised to $4,600 and "Isildur1" called.

The river brought the 7c. "MyRabbiFoo" pushed all-in for $14,950 and "Isildur1" made the call. The two players turned over:

"MyRabbiFoo" - 3c-3s
"Isildur1" - Jc-5c

"Isildur1" took down the $35,500 pot his two pair, Jacks and Fives.


As mentioned, the "Superstar Showdown" will be on hiatus next week.



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