Poker After Dark's Last Hurrah?

Published on July 29th, 2011 9:02 pm EST

Full Tilt Poker, Poker After Dark and World Championship of Online Poker1. Ivey/Benyamine Revelations.

Subject: Poker (link below) published a very interesting article earlier today titled "FTP's Financial Relationship with Two Pros".

Subject: Poker was allegedly able to obtain "access to Ivey's and Benyamine's account history on Full Tilt's internal systems".

Plenty of interesting information in the Subject: Poker report - I suggest that you give it a read.

If Full Tilt Poker isn't saved by the mysterious European investors, then I would expect a flood of similar information to make its way to the public over the coming months. You have to figure that there will be some disgruntled Pocket Kings employees who will talk if the company ends up going under..

Source: Subject: Poker - FTP's Financial Relationship with Two Pros

2. "Poker After Dark".

Two new weeks of "Poker After Dark" are set to begin airing on August 1st.

The first week will be part 1 of a $100k cash game, and will feature:

Mike Matusow, Jean-Robert Bellande, Peter Jetten, Brandon Adams, Chris Ferguson, Michael Mizrachi

The second week (part 2) of the $100k cash game will get underway on August 8th and will feature:

Brandon Adams, Peter Jetten, Chris Ferguson, Phil Hellmuth, Mike Matusow, Jean-Roberte Bellande

These episodes were taped before "Black Friday".


A few WCOOP pieces of news for you..

Pokerstars will start running Mega Satellites every Sunday at 13:00 ET until this year's WCOOP gets underway in early September. Here is the mega satellite schedule:

Aug 7th - $22 buy-in, Guaranteeing 250 $215 seats (target: Event 1)

Aug 14th - $33 buy-in, Guaranteeing 250 $320 seats (target: Event 52)

Aug 21st - $22 buy-in, Guaranteeing 500 $215 seats (target: Event 40)

Aug 28th- $11 buy-in, Guaranteeing 1000 $215 seats (target: Event 19)

In addition, Pokerstars just released the finalized WCOOP schedule for this year.


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