Benny Spindler Wins EPT London Main Event

Published on October 6th, 2011 5:35 pm EST

European Poker Tour (EPT) - Benny Spindler - Winner of the London eventBenny Spindler has crafted a very impressive poker resume for himself, but he was never able to win the big one - until today.

Spindler outlasted 690 other players to take down the EPT London main event earlier today. For his victory, Spindler walked away with 750k pounds, which translates into roughly $1.15 million USD. This is the largest cash of Spindler's career, slightly topping the $1.1 million that he earned for his third place finish in the 2009 PCA main event.

Spindler now has a little over $3 million in total lifetime tournament cashes.

Here is how the final table of the EPT London main event finished out:

1. Benny Spindler, 750k pounds
2. Steve O'Dwyer, 465k pounds
3. Andre Klebanov, 265k pounds
4. Juan Manuel Pastor, 200k pounds
5. Mattias Bergstrom, 155k pounds
6. Kevin Iacofano, 120k pounds
7. Martins Adeniya, 86,350 pounds
8. Miroslav Benes, 64k pounds

Adeniya started the final table as the chip leader, but lost a massive flip to Spindler (AK < 10/10) and was dispatched in seventh place.

The final hand of the event saw Spindler and O'Dwyer get all-in pre-flop. Spindler held Ac-Kd, while O'Dwyer was dominated with the Ks-Jc.

The flop came 7c-8d-Ad, giving Spindler an even bigger lead in the hand. O'Dwyer wasn't able to catch a runner-runner, and Spindler was declared the winner.


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