Ivey Returns to Tournament Action

Published on November 23rd, 2011 10:56 pm EST

Phil Ivey is backThe 2011 Pokerstars.net APPT Macau Main Event got underway earlier today.

A total of 269 players turned out for Day 1a of the event, including one very notable name - Phil Ivey.

Phil Ivey has been in a self-imposed exile from the "live" tournament scene ever since filing a lawsuit against Full Tilt Poker in June. At the time, Ivey said that he was "deeply disappointed and embarrassed" that Full Tilt Poker hadn't paid back their US players, and that he wouldn't be playing in any World Series of Poker events until the situation had been resolved. Ivey said that it wouldn't be "fair" if he was able to compete while others could not.

Ivey eventually dropped his lawsuit against Full Tilt Poker, but hadn't appeared in any live poker tournaments until earlier today.

So how did Phil Ivey do today? He ended up finishing Day 1a with around 51k in chips, roughly 120k behind the tournament chip leader after Day 1a, Shih Chien Su.


So what does Ivey's appearance at this tournament mean?

Does it mean that he is confident enough about the proposed Groupe Bernard Tapie/Full Tilt Poker sale going through to start appearing in public once again?

Does it mean that Full Tilt Poker will shortly be agreeing to the proposed GBT deal and forfeiting their assets to the DoJ?

The speculation continues..

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