Dan Smith Wins Aussie Millions $100k Challenge

Published on January 23rd, 2012 2:24 pm EST

Dan Smith rocking headphones1. Dan Smith Wins $100k Challenge.

Dan Smith navigated through a shark-infested field that included the likes of Tom "durrrr" Dwan, Phil Ivey and Gus Hansen to take down the Aussie Million $100k Challenge earlier today.

For his victory, Dan Smith walked away with $1,012,000 AUD, which works out to about $1.065 million USD.

Here is how the tournament ended up finishing out:

1. Dan Smith, $1,012,000
2. Mikhail Smirnov, $616,000
3. Joe Hachem, $330,000
4. Tony G, $242,000

The final hand of the event came when Mikhail Smirnov pushed the last of his chips into the middle holding Qh-6h. Smith called with 2d-2s. The board ran out Kd-5h-Ac-Jc-8c, eliminating Smirnov in second place and giving Smith the victory.

The decisive hand of heads-up play came just a few minutes earlier. Smith and Smirnov both had a little over 1 million in chips at the time of the all-in pre-flop confrontation. The two players turned up:

Smith - 6h-6d
Smirnov - Ac-Qd

The board ran out 10h-9s-3h-10s-2c, giving Smith a huge double-up. Smirnov was eliminated the very next hand.


2. Day 1b of the Aussie Millions Main Event Is In the Books.

The first two Day 1 flights of the Aussie Millions main event have now been completed.

The current tournament chipleader heading into Day 2 is Brett Watson, who managed to finish Day 1a with 257,400 in chips. James Dempsey, who finished Day 1b with the most chips, will enter Day 2 with 189,000 in chips.

Some of the notables who are still alive heading into Day 2 are:

Tom Dwan - 107,400
Grant Levy - 68,000
Maria Ho - 49,600
Annette Obrestad - 28,300

Day 1c of the main event is set to get underway in a couple of hours.

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