Published on April 28th, 3:01 am EST

Juan Carlos Mortensen bested Kirk Morrison in a thrilling heads-up battle, taking down the WPT Championship and taking home a first prize of $3.97 million dollars in the process. Kirk Morrison will receive $2.01 million dollars for finishing in second place.

Mortensen mounted incredible comebacks all throughout the final table, and was seemingly on his last legs numerous times before coming storming back to take down the event. Both Morrison and Mortensen had supporters in the crowd, with many people being friends with them both (including Daniel Negreanu, who counts them as two of his closet friends.)

The final hand come down with both players getting all of their money in pre-flop with Mortensen holding K J of hearts and Morrison holding A 4 offsuit. The flop brought blanks to both players, but then the turn was a Jack, putting Mortensen well out in front. The river brought no help to Morrison, and Mortensen took down the event.

Mortensen had been down to 1 million in chips with 4 players remaining, but stormed back and quickly moved up to 15 million in chips.

The heads-up battle was epic, lasting hours, with the momentum swinging back and forth, and both players being all-in numerous times with their tournament lives on the line.

The event was a resounding success, with the largest turnout ever for the event.


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