Phil Ivey Near Top of Leaderboard in Early Day 2 Action

Published on January 25th, 2012 12:02 am EST

Phil Ivey wearing a leather jacket and a big smileIt's a few hours into Day 2 of the Aussie Millions main event, and there is currently a very familiar name sitting near the top of the tournament leaderboard - Phil Ivey.

208 of the 655 original entrants are still alive in the event - here are the top five chip stacks as of this moment:

Aage Ravn - 400,000
Tom Grigg - 320,000
Phil Ivey - 300,000
Brett Watson - 257,400
Yann Dion - 254,000

Ivey's trademark aggressiveness has been on display so far in the Aussie Millions main event. Day 1c was a pretty up-and-down down for Ivey, as he built up a huge stack, lost half of it and then doubled in a massive pot against Shane Warne. The two players got all-in after a flip of Ah-Qh-Jh, with Warne holding top set and Ivey holding the 8h-6h. Ivey’s flush held up, giving him a huge double-up and putting him amongst the chipleaders heading into Day 2.


Some of the other notable names who are still alive in the main event as of this moment are:

Tony G - 180,000
Maria Ho - 137,000
David Steicke - 126,000
Tom Dwan - 107,000
Annette Obrestad - 31,000
JC Tran - 30,000



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