"Jeans89" Biggest Winner Since April 15th, 2011

Published on April 10th, 2012 2:23 am EST

The King presents the biggest online cash game winners and losers since Black FridayIn the "good old days" (pre-"Black Friday"), names like Phil Ivey, Tom "durrrr" Dwan and Gus Hansen would regularly play in $500/$1000 Pot Limit Omaha and No Limit Hold'em games on Full Tilt Poker.

Prior to "Black Friday", Full Tilt Poker was THE center of the online high stakes cash game universe. Pokerstars wasn't even close.

After "Black Friday" took place, Full Tilt Poker was still the home to the biggest cash games, but the field of players was dramatically thinned out overnight. All of the American players on the site were suddenly banned from playing, which meant that players such as Antonius and Hansen could play without worrying about bumping into the likes of Dwan and Ivey. Patrik Antonius did well on Full Tilt Poker after "Black Friday" took place, making over $1.2 million before the site was shut down in late June.

After Full Tilt Poker was shut down, the online high stakes cash game action moved over to Pokerstars. Full Tilt Poker still hasn't reopened their doors, and Pokerstars remains home to some of the biggest online cash games.


Who has made the most money since "Black Friday", and who has lost the most?

Let's take a look, courtesy of HighStakesDB.com:

Biggest Winners

"Jeans89", $2,597,831
"Ilari FIN", $2,011,890
"Isildur1", $1,695,166
"1-ronnyr3", $1,629,008
"refaelamit", $1,543,909

Patrik Antonius ($1,264,959) is the sixth biggest winner since "Black Friday", however, an account that is heavily rumored to belong to him on Pokerstars (Fake Love888) is down over $1.1 million over the same period of time.

Viktor "Isildur1" Blom has had a particularly good year since "Black Friday". Not only has he made nearly $1.7 million on Pokerstars since April 15th, 2011, but he also took down the $100k Super High Roller event at the 2012 PCA for over $1.2 million.


Now let's take a look at the biggest losers:

"Zypherin", -$1,703,856
"Fake Love888", -$1,161,116
"VietRussian", -$1,145,742
"gavz101", -$1,082,654
"skjervoy", -$1,067,921


Source: HighStakesDB.com


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