Shaun Deeb Wins His Fourth SCOOP Bracelet of the Year

Published on May 20th, 2012 3:30 pm EST

The King is presenting the Spring Championship of Online Poker - SCOOPShaun Deeb took down Event #38-H ($2,100 HORSE) of the 2012 SCOOP (Spring Championship of Online Poker) on Pokerstars earlier today to claim his FOURTH SCOOP bracelet of the year.

That's right - his FOURTH SCOOP bracelet of the year, and fifth of his career.

85 players turned out for Event #38-H, which ended up creating a total prize pool of $170,000.

Deeb was actually one of the smaller stacks when the tournament reached the final table. When the final table started, Deeb had just 29k in chips, compared to the chip leader's 120k. Deeb was able to put together a nice run at that point, and was soon battling John "LUFCBas" Spinks for the bracelet. The final hand of the event came during a round of Limit Hold'em. With the board reading Td-8s-5h-Kc, Deeb put Spinks all-in and the two players turned over:

Deeb - Qs-Tc
Spinks - Ad-5c

Deeb was well ahead with his pair of Tens. The river brought the 6c, giving Deeb his fourth SCOOP bracelet of 2012 and fifth SCOOP bracelet of his career.

In addition to the bracelet, Deeb also took home $46,325 for his win.


Let's take a look at the bracelets that Deeb has won so far this year:

Event 10-H (Stud), $41,000
Event 19-H (Triple Stud), $44,200
Event 26-H (Stud Hi-Lo), $40,330
Event 38-H (HORSE), $46,325

Thanks to his four bracelets so far this year, Shaun Deeb is miles ahead of the competition in the 2012 SCOOP Player of the Year Race. As of this moment, Deeb is currently sitting with 825 points. His next closest competitor, "Drew M Scott", is currently sitting with 470 points.


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