Eight Players Up Over $1 Million in 2012

Published on July 22nd, 2012 5:10 pm EST

The King is wearing Elvis shades and updating on the latest in high stakes pokerAccording to HighStakesDB.com (link below), "EireAbu" is up over $3 million on Pokerstars since the start of 2012.

A total of eight players have made over 7 figures on Pokerstars since the start of the year, but "EireAbu" has been the most successful of them all so far. According to HighStakesDB.com, "EireAbu" has made $3,178,555 over a total of 216,906 tracked hands since January 1st. The biggest pot of the year for "EireAbu" came in a heads-up $50/$100 PLO match against "nasud_11". The two players got all-in after a flop of 3c-7h-6c - "EireAbu" had flopped the straight while "nasud_11" had a King high flush draw. The board ran out 6s-5h, giving "EireAbu" the $105k pot.

As mentioned, seven other players have managed to crack the 7 figure profit mark on Pokerstars so far this year. They are:

"Sauce123", +$2,245,335
"bernard-bb", +$1,441,943
"Jeans89", +$1,284,530
"Kanu7", +$1,187,585
"Deldar182", +$1,046,879
"MrSweets28", +$1,029,005
"ragen70", +$1,026,198


On the opposite side of the ledger, two players have managed to lose over a million dollars so far this year on Pokerstars. They are:

"Zypherin", -$2,708,561
"Isildur1", -$1,541,010

Blom has had a rough year so far on Pokerstars, but he has had a great deal of success with his "live" poker game. Earlier in the year, Blom took down the $100k Super High Roller event at the PCA for $1,254,400, and followed this up with five more cashes, including a 14th place finish in the $50k Poker Player's Championship.


Some of the other players who have had rough starts to the year include:

"toweliestar", -$832,517
"1Il|1Il|1il|", -$761,767
"gavz101", -$646,585
"VietRussian", -$562,061
"long90110", -$557,059
"julia753", -$542,269

Source: HighStakesDB.com


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