Viktor Blom Finishes With 11-3 Record in "Superstar Showdown"

Published on August 17th, 2012 6:52 pm EST

The King presents the final Pokerstars Superstar Showdown scoreNow that Viktor "Isildur1" Blom and Pokerstars have officially parted ways, the "Superstar Showdown" has come to an end.

Shortly after inking a sponsorship deal with Blom, Pokerstars announced the introduction of the "Superstar Showdown". The "Superstar Showdown" would pit "Isildur1" against some of the very best players in the world. Four tables would be played at once during the matches, with the winner being the player who was ahead after 2,500 hands.

In total, 14 "Superstar Showdown" matches were played during the time that "Isildur1" was sponsored by Pokerstars. The first "Superstar Showdown" match (December 19th, 2010) pitted Blom against Isaac Haxton, while the last match (April 2nd, 2012) was a Blom vs Haxton rematch.

The "Superstar Showdown" went very well for "Isildur1", as he ended up going 11-3 and posting a cumulative profit of $1,194,630. His biggest win came over Isaac Haxton ($500,000), while his biggest loss came against Haxton as well ($41,701).

During the course of the "Superstar Showdown" challenge, "Isildur1" squared off against players such as Daniel Negreanu (they played twice), Tony G and Eugene Katchalov.

Blom's three losses:

Isaac Haxton, $41,701 (19/12/2010)
Daniel Negreanu, $26,500 (27/03/2011)
Isaac Haxton, $5,093 (13/03/2012)

Blom's eleven wins:

Tony G, $44,280 (02/01/2011)
Daniel Cates, $51,196 (30/01/2011)
Eugene Katchalov, $111,750 (13/02/2011)
Attila Gulcsik, $5 (27/02/2011)
Daniel Negreanu, $150,000 (20/03/2011)
Scott Palmer, $61,362 (10/04/2011)
Mastermixus, $1,279 (24/04/2011)
Rui Cao, $150,000 (19/06/2011)
Terje Augdal, $150,000 (03/07/2011)
Alex Millar, $37,687 (18/03/2012)
Isaac Haxton, $500,000 (02/04/2012)


A total of 37,788 hands were played throughout the entirety of the "Superstar Showdown", with Blom winning an average of $31.61 per hand.

Source: Superstar Showdown History


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