Seiver Takes Home Over $2 Million For His Victory

Published on January 8th, 2013 12:48 am EST

Pokerstars and PCA 10 LogosScott Seiver navigated his way through an incredibly tough field to capture the $100,000 Super High Roller event of the 2013 Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure earlier tonight.

Seiver walked away with a first place prize of $2,003,480 after winning the event, which brings his lifetime tournament earnings up to just shy of $7 million.

Here is how the final table of the Super High Roller event ended up finishing out:

1. Scott Seiver, $2,003,480
2. David "Doc" Sands, $1,259,320
3. Nick Schulman, $744,140
4. Cary Katz, $543,800
5. Philipp Gruissem, $400,700
6. Greg Jensen, $286,200
7. Vladimir Troyanovsky, $257,580
8. Dan Shak, $228,960


It appeared as though Seiver and Sands were going to engage in a lengthy heads-up battle. This all changed when Seiver and Sands decided to go all-in pre-flop, with Seiver holding pocket Nines and Sands holding pocket Tens.

Sands, who had Seiver covered at the time, was crushed to see a board of 3s-7s-9c, which gave Seiver a set of Nines. The turn and river didn't help Sands, and Seiver was shipped the massive pot. The tournament ended just a few minutes later after Sands decided to push with Kh-4d. Seiver looked down at Ac-7s and called. The board ran out Qd-8d-5d-9h-3h, giving Seiver the pot and the victory.


This year's PCA Super High Roller event ended up with a prize pool of well over $5 million. 47 players ended up entering the event, and there were a total of 12 rebuys. Many of poker's biggest names, including Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu and Tom Dwan, turned out for the event.


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