Chan Outlasts Antonius, Shak To Take Down Main Event

Published on February 3rd, 2013 2:30 pm EST

The King is reporting on the Aussie Millions 2013 Final TableEarlier today, Mervin Chan successfully navigated his way through a tough final table to take down the 2013 Aussie Millions Main Event. Chan took home $1,600,000 AUD (about $1.04 million USD) and a new car for his victory.

It wasn't an easy path to the title for Chan, as he had to contend with the likes of Patrik Antonius and Dan Shak at the final table. Entering the final day of play, Chan had the fourth largest chip stack (2.91 million) and was trailing Dan Shak (3.775 million), Jarrod Glennon (3.6 million) and Patrik Antonius (3.345 million).

The turning point in the tournament came during a hand involving Patrik Antonius and Chan. With the blinds 80,000/160,000 and the antes 10,000, Chan made a 325,000 chip pre-flop raise. Antonius decided to push all-in from the small blind, and Chan elected to make the quick call. The two players turned over:

Chan - pocket Jacks
Antonius - Ac-4d

Chan's pocket Jacks held up, and Antonius was eliminated from the tournament a short while later.


The final hand of the event came when Chan and runner-up Joseph Cabret elected to get the rest of their chips into the middle with the board reading:


The two players turned over:

Chan - 8s-6s
Cabret - Ad-3d

Chan had trip Eights, but Cabret was still alive with a flush draw.

The river was the harmless Kh, giving Chan the pot and the tournament.


Here is how the final table ended up finishing out:

Mervin Chan, $1,600,000
Joseph Cabret, $1,000,000
Patrik Antonius, $600,000
Dan Shak, $400,000
Jarrod Glennon, $290,000
David Yan, $220,000
Jay Tan, $150,000


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