Final Table Set Following Marathon Bubble

Published on April 26th, 2013 7:37 pm EST

European Poker Tour - Pokerstars - Logo17 players began play at the EPT Berlin main event on Friday, and all 17 had dreams of making it through to the final table.

After many hours of play that included an excruciatingly long final table bubble, the final table of the EPT Berlin main event is finally set.

Robert Haigh will begin Saturday's final table with a slight chip lead, as he managed to finish Day 5 with a little under 5.5 million in chips, which is roughly 250k more than the next closet competitor, Daniel-Gai Pidun.

Here are the chip counts heading into Saturday:

1. Robert Haigh, 5,495,000
2. Daniel-Gai Pidun, 5,250,000
3. Lasse Frost, 3,700,000
4. Alexander Helbig, 3,315,000
5. Roman Herold, 3,050,000
6. Roman Korenev, 2,995,000
7. Pascal Vos, 1,750,000
8. Julian Thomas, 1,735,000


The final table bubble took nearly nearly six hours to pop - Dashgyn Aliev was the unlucky player who went out on the bubble, as he was eliminated by Alexander Helbig in ninth place. Aliev elected to make his final stand holding Ac-Qs but ended up running into the pocket Queens of Helbig.


All eight of the remaining players in the event are guaranteed a minimum of 77k EUR for making it through to the final table. The eventual winner of the event will walk away with 880k EUR, while the runner-up will receive 531k EUR.


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