Daniel Pudin Wins EPT Berlin Main Event

Published on April 28th, 2013 4:28 am EST

The King is showing the European Poker Tour (EPT) on the screenThe 2013 edition of the EPT Berlin is now a wrap, with Daniel Pudin and Griffin Benger finishing off the series with big wins on Saturday.

Daniel Pudin was EPT Berlin's biggest winner, as he managed to take down the main event for 880k EUR.

Here is here the main event final table ended up finishing out:

1. Daniel Pidun, 880,000 EUR
2. Robert Haigh, 531,000 EUR
3. Lasse Frost, 325,000 EUR
4. Pascal Vos, 255,000 EUR
5. Alexander Helbig, 202,200 EUR
6. Roman Herold, 155,000 EUR
7. Julian Thomas, 110,000 EUR
8. Roman Korenev, 77,000 EUR

The final hand of the main event came when Pidun pushed all-in pre-flop against a short-stacked Haigh. Haigh was looking to be in good shape with his A-K offsuit against Pidun's 8s-9s, but an Eight spiked on the flop to give Piden the victory.


The EPT Berlin High Roller event was won by Griffin Benger - Benger took home a total of 429,000 EUR after topping Aaron Lim in heads-up play.

The final hand came when a short-stacked Lim pushed all-in pre-flop holding Kh-2s. Benger called holding Qc-Jh, and won when the board came Qd-Td-As-4d-Ks.

Here is how the final table of the High Roller ended up finishing out:

1. Griffin Benger, 429,000 EUR
2. Aaron Lim, 240,100 EUR
3. Philippe Ktorza, 144,000 EUR
4. Max Lykov, 102,900 EUR
5. Martin Kabrhel, 82,300 EUR
6. Joni Jouhkimainen, 68,600 EUR
7. James Mitchell, 54,900 EUR
8. Scott Seiver, 41,200 EUR


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