Max Altergott Takes Home 1.75 Million Euros

Published on May 15th, 2013 4:18 pm EST

European Poker Tour - Pokerstars - LogoThe ninth season of the European Poker Tour is now a wrap after Max Altergott took down the EPT Grand Final Super High Roller event earlier today for 1,746,400 Euros.

The EPT Grand Final Super High Roller event, which allowed rebuys up until early in Day 2, ended up with a total of 50 entries (41 players and 9-entries). The buy-in was 100k Euros, which meant that the prize pool for the event ended up at a little over 4.85 million Euros.

Many of the top names in poker, including Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu and Patrik Antonius, turned out for this event, but it was the relatively unknown Max Altergott that ended up winning.

Max Altergott was able to get by Jason Mercier during heads-up play to win the event. Altergott had the lead when heads-up play started, but Mercier was able to move into the lead after a couple of hands.

With virtually identical stacks, Mercier and Altergott decided to move all-in with the board reading 8s-7h-Jd-4d. The two players turned over:

Mercier - Kd-7d
Altergott - Qs-Qc

The river brought the 2c, giving Altergott the pot and the massive lead in the tournament.

Altergott sealed the deal in the next hand after his Jc-9s beat Mercier's Td-6d.


Here is how the tournament ended up finishing out (all amounts in Euros):

Max Altergott, 1,746,400
Jason Mercier, 1,115,700
Sorel Mizzi, 679,100
Timothy Adams, 485,100
Vladimir Troyanovsky, 339,500
Scott Seiver, 266,900
Mike Watson, 218,300


The tenth season of the European Poker Tour will kick off in August in Barcelona.


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