David Sands Takes Home $1,023,750 Prize

Published on May 24th, 2013 4:53 am EST

The King is reporting on the World Poker Tour World ChampionshipDavid "Doc" Sands took down the WPT Super High Roller event earlier this morning at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. For his victory, Sands walked away with $1,023,750, while runner-up Joseph Cheong took home $614,250.

It took 146 hands at the final table for the money bubble to burst. The unlucky person to bubble the tournament was Jim Courtney, as he hit the rail in 4th place after electing to go all-in with the board reading Js-8d-6c-9c. Daniel Perper called Courtney's all-in, and the two players turned over:

Courtney - 7c-7d
Perper - Jc-8h

Perper had flopped two pair, but Courtney still had plenty of outs with his open-ended straight draw. Unfortunately for Courtney, the river brought the King of diamonds and he was eliminated in 4th place.


Following the elimination of Courtney, it took only 34 more hands to decide the winner.

Daniel Perper would go out in third place, as he decided to make his last stand holding Kh-7s. David Sands called Perper's all-in holding pocket Fives and would eventually go on to make a full house. Perper walked away with $409,500 for his third place finish.

This left David "Doc" Sands and Joseph Cheong to battle it out for the title. Sands started heads-up play with a 3:1 chip advantage and never relinquished his lead.

The final hand of the event came when Cheong pushed all-in holding As-3d. Sands made the call and turned over Ah-8d. The board ran out Qs-5d-2s-Ad-9s, giving Sands a pair of Aces with the better kicker, and Cheong was eliminated in second place.

Here is how the tournament ended up finishing out:

David Sands, $1,023,750
Joseph Cheong, $614,250
Daniel Perper, $409,500


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