Chino Rheem Outduels Erick Lindgren To Win Championship

Published on May 25th, 2013 4:24 pm EST

World Poker Tour Logo - BlackChino Rheem defeated Erick Lindgren during heads-up play to take down the WPT World Championship earlier this morning for $1,150,297.

Chino Rheem led for the vast majority of the final table, only relinquishing the lead for a few short hands. After momentarily falling into second place, Rheem quickly regained the commanding chip lead after dispatching of Jonathan Roy in third place. The hand, which virtually assured Rheem's victory, saw Rheem river the nut flush while Roy held a set of Eights.

Rheem started heads up play with a commanding chip lead over Erick Lindgren. Lindgren was able to chip away a bit at Rheem's monstrous stack, but in the end, Rheem re-asserted himself and dispatched of Lindgren in second place.

The final hand of the tournament came when Lindgren elected to make his final stand holding Qd-9d. After a bit of thought, Rheem called Lindgren's all-in and triumphantly turned over Kd-9c. The board ran out Ac-Jc-4h-3h-8s, giving Rheem the pot and the tournament victory.

Here is how the final table ended up turning out:

Chino Rheem, $1,150,297
Erick Lindgren, $650,275
Jonathan Roy, $421,800
Matt Hyman, $289,988
Brandon Steven, $223,203
David Peters, $173,993


In addition to his $1,150,297 first place prize, Rheem also walked away with the WPT Champions Trophy.

With his victory this morning, David "Chino" Rheem now has over $7 million in total lifetime tournament earnings.


A total of 146 players turned out for this year's WPT World Championship.


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