Published on May 24th, 2007 9:54 am EST

The player who goes by the alias of "Till_I_Collapse" enjoyed a particularly fruitful night on Full Tilt Poker last night, dominating the high limit Pot Limit Omaha games and roughly up Brian Townsend particularly bad. Till_I_Collapse and Brian Townsend were both 4-tabling the Pot Limit Omaha games, and when the smoke had cleared Townsend was down $400k for the night and Till_I_Collapse was up at least that amount.

brian townsendTownsend has been on a hot streak as of late after venturing back into the high limit PLO games, and was up almost $1.5 million dollars in May before tonight. Based on hands that Townsend posted in his blog after the session, it would seem as though Till_I_Collapse administered some fairly bad beats on Townsend, beats that caused "Sbrugby" to tilt and lose more money.

You can bet that these two will tangle again, likely on Thursday. Pot Limit Omaha is such a swingy game, so don't be surprised if Townsend wins it all back on Thursday. It's just the nature of the beast; you can flop top set in PLO and still only be a 60/40 favorite once all of the money is in. It's a high variance game by nature.


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