"Itahaschi" Walks Away With $271k and FTOPS Main Event Title

Published on August 19th, 2013 9:12 pm EST

Full Tilt Online Poker Serie - FTOPS - XXIII - LogoThe 23rd edition of the FTOPS (Full Tilt Online Poker Series) wrapped up on Full Tilt Poker yesterday, with "Itahaschi" taking down the main event for over $270k.

The main event, which was a $600+$35 No Limit Hold'em tournament with re-entries, ended up with a total of 3,327 entries. This large turnout ended up pushing the prize pool up to $1,996,200, easily topping the tournament guarantee of $1,500,000.

As mentioned, "Itahaschi" ended up taking down the tournament, but it was "DiaperSniper14" that walked away with the most cash. The final three players in the tournament cut a deal, and when the tournament had reached its conclusion, the top three payouts looked like this:

1. "Itahaschi", $270,828.43
2. "DiaperSniper14", $301,118.88
3. "MarkusG", $234,517.49

Some other notable names that managed deep runs in the main event included:

"Wywrot", $6,387.84
"The-Toilet 0", $6,387.84
Martins Adeniya, $3,393.54

The top 360 spots in this tournament ended up paying out - those who mini-cashed ended up taking home $1,097.91.


All in all, FTOPS XXIII was a success, with most of the 39 events easily surpassing their guarantees.


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